About Us

Who Are We?

Golden Solar is driven by key core values that define who we’re deep inside. It’s our compass. These core values define our culture, define our proceeses. Lets elaborate on each one of the core values:

    • Do it right the first time. Rework isn’t an option.

Spending that extra mile, that extra hour to get it right is who we’re. The benefits just ripples out into a happy customer based, a healthier team, a quality installation and a healthier back-­‐end to the company.

We see business as a relationship, not as mere transaction.

Our customer relationship is the multiplier. By establishing a bond, which can take many forms, we’re multiplying our impact and increasing our revenue.

    • Own what you say. Own what you do.

If you say you’re going to do it, you better. Owning the task at hand is who we are. As a company, we’re not here to control people; we’re here to provide the grounds for growth and expansion. By agreeing to perform a certain task, you’re accountable for delivering.

    • No team, no cheers

Quality and customer satisfaction. Together as a team we can deliver the right service and product in an efficient and timely manner. Shared Accountability.

    • (Knowledge + Skills) * Attitude^n

Our most valuable asset is our attitude. Attitude isn’t a liability. Attitude is the multiplier. As a company we provide the knowledge to succeed, we provide the opportunities to enhance our skills. This is the recipe of success.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” -­‐ Peter Drucker


What we are define our core focus. Core focus is about keeping us aligned and focused on areas that we excel. Our core focus is our summit thus driving our decision-­‐making.

Golden Solar’s Purpose/Cause/Passion:

Empowering people and communities to take control of their energy future.

Our Niche:

Home micro-­‐grids

Our vision as a company is to empower people and communities to obtain their energy independence and control their energy future. We believe in the decentralization of energy. We believe that providing micro-­‐grids will not only benefit the direct users, but it’ll assist in the development of local economies and partnerships with the electric utilities.

“The Energy Department has a comprehensive portfolio of activities that focuses on the development and implementation of micro-­‐grids to further improve

reliability and resiliency of the grid, help communities better prepare for future weather events, and keep the nation moving toward a clean energy future” – Department of Energy

person About Us

Our purpose is to engage with each one of our customers to deliver the right service at the right price. We thrive by partnering with our customers, we believe that together we can deliver and tailor a better service and product all together.